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Data Queries and Processing
Data Reporting and Documents
Data Statistics and Analysis
Data Consolidation
Data Ingestion / Conversion
Data Filtering / Sorting
Data Migration
Data Warehousing
Data Mining / Harvesting
Data Transformation
Data Web Scraping
Data Interchanging
Data Backup and Restore
Data Security and Encryption
Indigo DQM Data Management System

Indigo DQM represents the ultimate in professional and secure data management. With a significant range of expert capabilities included in an all-in-one solution all your data requirements are satisfied with this powerful software system.

Featuring advanced query, processing and reporting capabilities our software is designed to maximise data assets, increase business value and intelligence.

Working with Data, on or off the cloud, Indigo DQM's software platform is optimised for sensitive and secure handling of Data on both private and public networks offering far superior security and functionality to any cloud based solutions.

Advanced Features

Data Queries and Processing On Demand
Data Analysis, Extraction and Migration
Data Consolidation and Collection
Data Ingestion and Interchange
Data Transformation and Conversion
Data SQL, XPath, XQuery, XSLT and Python
Data Filtering and Sorting
Data Reporting and Document Generation
Data Reports in HTML, PDF, DocX and RSS
Data Web Scraping and Crawling
Data Mining, Harvesting and Warehousing

With an impressive array of features, flexible and advanced functionality Indigo DQM is an information and data reporting powerhouse.

Benefits and Reasons

Indigo DQM provides the ultimate software tools for Data Management, Processing and Reporting increasing business intelligence, opportunities and value.

Maximises Data Assets
Increase Business Value and Intelligence
Boost Competitive Advantage
Lower support Overhead
Reduce Business Costs
Centralise Technology Solutions
Manage any Data Source
Superior Data Security
Consolidation of Data
Seamless Migration and Conversion of Data
Reusable Software Platform
Complete all-in-one Solution
Electronic Data Interchange
Secure and Encrypt Data Assets
Reduce IT and support overhead

Today's ever-increasing demand for Data highlights the need for a Data Management System that provides advanced data processing and reporting capabilities with compatibility for all business and network users at significantly lower cost without the need for expensive upgrades to current infrastructure.

The combination of functionality, speed and security enables Indigo DQM to deliver data and reports faster, better and cheaper making Indigo DQM the essential professional Data Management and Reporting Solution.

Ultimate Data Management

Representing the ultimate in professional and secure data management, Indigo DQM comprehensively covers all aspects of managing and processing demanding business data. This includes data queries, data analyses, data extraction, data mining, data migration and transformation, data security, data backup, report generation plus much more...

Indigo DQM can read, write, convert and translate Data into many different formats and types allowing Data to be intelligible and interchangeable between different applications and databases.

The ability to easily process and work with data no matter where it is located or what application created it makes Indigo DQM unique and opens up endless opportunities to businesses that may be accessing their data via a variety of different data platforms.

Whatever your type of business or organization our software can help make the best of your most important asset.

Data Security and Encryption

Indigo DQM is the most secure way to manage, query, process and report on your Data Assets. Because Indigo DQM is a software application that is installed on Data Security and Encryptionprivate computers it has the best security for managing Data on private and public networks where Data security is of the utmost concern and priority.

Delivering a far higher level of security and functionality than any cloud based solutions Indigo DQM ensures your Data Assets are protected at all times.

Featuring AES 256 Encryption your Data Assets can be stored and transmitted across the Internet / Cloud in the most secure way possible.


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Indigo DQM Data Management System
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