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Information on the current Data Asset Store and the System Status and Log can be viewed on the System Status Dialog.

NOTE: The Default Encryption Password should only be used for Testing! You must create or generate your own secure Encryption Password!

Security Passwords are for the Advanced Encryption System (AES) 256 a symmetrical encryption algorithm that uses a 256-bit Encryption Key. It is accepted by the U.S. and Canadian governments as the most secure way to store sensitive Data.

Data Asset Store Report

The Data Asset Store Report gives an overview of all the Data Assets contained within the Data Store including all the Data Command Queries, Data Sources, Data Reports and Data Execution Plans in the shared Data Repository.

The Report gives a useful insight into how the Data Asset Store is being utilised.

Execution Schedules

Data Scheduling allows Data Command Queries and Data Execution Plans to be automatically Executed at specified times or at regular intervals.

The Execution Schedules Dialog allows the current Data Schedules to viewed, edited and deleted. The Scheduling Service can also be Started and Stopped from here.