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Indigo DQM Data Management Engine uses the Indigo DRS Data Reporting and Document Generation System to create advanced reports and documents for Data Command Queries in the Data Asset Store(s). Various other reporting systems are also supported but for the best functionality and compatibility Indigo DRS Reports should always be used.

Select the Reports Tab for the Data Command Query.

Select the Report options for the Data Command Query. Specify the Report Type as either an Indigo DRS Report, FYI RDL Report or a MS SQL RDL Report. If the Report is a Shared Report check the Radio Button and then select the Report from the dropdown.

Indigo DRS Reports give the best functionality and compatibility. Because Indigo DRS uses standard HTML for reporting the reports can be displayed on any type of device and in any type of browser.

If the report is common to multiple Data Command Queries or Execution Plans then create a shared Data Report.

Embedded Indigo DRS HTML Reports

Embedded HTML reports are stored with the Data Command and allow reports to be automatically output to a file. To Enable HTML reports check the 'Enable HTML Report' option and select either the Default report which is basically just a Data Table or the Indigo DRS Report which is the advanced Report generated with the Indigo DRS Report Designer.

Shared Indigo DRS Reports

Shared Indigo DRS Reports can be used with multiple Data Command Queries. If an Indigo DRS HTML Report is common to several Data Commands use the shared option to the Report File. The Report File can be local, on a Network share or on the Internet. Open the properties page for the Report location to specify the URI for the File.

Reports Embedded in the Data Command use the Indigo DRS Data Reporting and Document Generation System. The optional Indigo DRS Report Designer Tool, not included, uses Indigo DRS RDL (Report Description Language) with advanced reporting capabilities complex Data can be presented in a visual and meaningful format. The report designer can quickly create advanced HTML reports rich in content. Tables and Charts can be added to the report effortlessly allowing complex data to be presented with the minimum of effort.

Indigo DRD Report Designer Tool

To design a report using Indigo DRS output the Result Data XML to File and then open and create a new Report with the Indigo DRD Report Designer and load the Result Data XML from File. Create your Report and then Save the Report XML. Open the Report XML into the Data Command by clicking the Report XML Button.

The HTML Report will also be shown in the Data Management Studio for the Data Command Query. Similarly if the RSS Report is Enabled the RSS Feed for the Data Command will also be shown.

Indigo DRD (Data Report Designer) uses the Indigo DRS reporting system which is advanced reporting and document generation platform that gives the best functionality and compatibility with advanced reporting features and effortless integration of this technology into your projects you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities.