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Data Command XQuery / XSLT Indigo DQM Help

Indigo DQM Data Management Engine can Execute an additional XQuery Expression and / or XSLT Transform on Data Command Queries if required.

Check the option to Enable the XQuery and enter the XQuery / XPath Expression to Execute on the Data Command.

XQueries are Executed after the Data Command Text and before the Data Outputs.

The XQuery can also be a File to use a File select the XQuery File radio button and select the Location.

XQuery Expressions can also be Encrypted if required to protect Data Assets.

XSL Transformations

XSLT features Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations which is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents or other formats such as HTML for web pages or plain text.

To specify an XSLT to Transform the Data Check the Execute XSLT on Data Checkbox.

XSLT Embedded into the Data Command to Transform the Data Output.

XSLT Execute When

The XSL Transform can be Executed either After or Before the XQuery Expression. By default the XSL Transform will be Executed After the XQuery.

The XSLT linked to a File. XSLT's can also be Encrypted if required to protect Data Assets.