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Shared Data Reports Indigo DQM Help

Indigo DQM shared Data Reports are Reports that can be used by all Data Command Queries and Data Execution Plans in the System.

If the report is common to multiple Data Command Queries or Execution Plans then create a shared Data Report.

Select the Data Reports Tab from the Indigo DQM Data Management Studio.

Data Folders

Create a Data Folder for the Data Report to organise it in the Data Store.

Creating a new Data Report

Enter a Name and Description for the Data Report and the location to the Report File.

Specify the Report Type as either an Indigo DRS Report, XSLT, FYI RDL Report or a MS SQL RDL Report and select the Report Source as a Shared Report File or as an Embedded Resource.

By default the Indigo DRS report type is selected as this gives the best functionality and compatibility. Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System using HTML, XML and XQuery to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with standard HTML.

The HTML reports generated by Indigo DRS give the best functionality and compatibility and because they use standard HTML for reporting the documents can be displayed on any type of device whether a PC, tablet, mobile and in any type of browser.

Once the Report has been created it will be available to select from the Shared Report Dropdowns in both Data Commands Queries and Execution Plans.

Using a Shared Indigo DRS Report on the Internet / Cloud

Pulling Shared Data Reports down from the Internet / Cloud is a useful and powerful feature of Indigo DQM. This feature is only available with Indigo DRS Reports and XSLT Reports.

Shared Report Source

Specify the URI for the Report Location using the Properties Button or browse to a Report File.

Enter the Host, Port, Path and the Security Credentials for the Data Report.

Embedded Reports

Embedded RDL reports are stored with the Data Report and allow reports to be automatically output to a file.

To Enable Embedded reports select the Radio Button and click the Embedded button to Load the Report structure. This feature is only available with Indigo DRS Reports and XSLT Reports.

Embedded Indigo DRS Report RDL (Report Description Language) XML

Load the Indigo DRS RDL XML Report Structure File created by the Indigo Scape DRD Reporting Designer Tool.

Click OK to Save the RDL XML and Embed into the Data Report.

Report Save Output URI for the Result Data

Data Report Outputs can be saved to a local drive, network share or uploaded to the Internet / Cloud by configuring the Location of the Data Report Output URI. This feature is only available with Indigo DRS Reports and XSLT Reports.

Specifying the Host and Location for the Data Report

Enter the Host, Port, Path for the Data Output and the Security Credentials.

Click OK to update the Report Save Location.

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) Reports

Indigo DQM features XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) which is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents or other formats such as HTML for web pages or plain text.

Select the XSLT Radio button for the Report Type and either an Embedded Resource or a Shared XSLT File for the Report Source.

Example XSLT for Transforming XML Data into a HTML Report.

Outputting the XSLT Report Transform to a File using the Report Save options. Click OK to Save the Data Report.

Example Report XSLT

Example Report Data

Example Report HTML Output