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Indigo DQM Data Execution Plans can output and automatically save Data and Reports in various formats including HTML, PDF, RSS, XML and JSon. This content can be saved locally, to a network location or uploaded to Web Servers on Internet or Intranet allowing the automatic distribution of Data and Reports.

Select the Execution Plan Outputs and the location of where the Result Data should be automatically saved after Execution.

Setting the Output URI for the Result Data

Data can be transferred to the Internet / Cloud by configuring the Location of the Data Output URI.

Enter the Host, Port, Path for the Data Output and the Security Credentials.

Data Security and Encryption

Data Outputs can be Encrypted and stored securely using military grade cryptography. The Advanced Encryption System (AES) uses a 256-bit encryption key.

Encryption Passwords are used to create Strong Encryption Keys for the AES 256 System.

A secure Password must be setup in the Program Settings and Options or applied to an individual Data Asset Store. By default a global Encryption Password will be used but it is recommenced that you create your own unique Password.

Encryption Passwords must match when Encrypting / Decrypting Data. It is recommended that a copy of your Password be stored in a secure Location. If you lose the Password it will be impossible to Decrypt any Encrypted Data.

If the Output Data is to be Encrypted with AES 256 Encryption then set the Encrypted Property to True.