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Indigo DQM Data Management Engine can run a Script or Program Before or After the Data Execution Plan if additional processing is required.

The Process can be VBS Script or Executable with Arguments passed that may do additional processing on the Data Result outputs if saved to a file or directory or if Data is required from an API resource.

Enable the Execute Script / Process option and select the Location of the Script. By default the Execute Wait option is Enabled to ensure that the Execution of the Process completes before any further Processing is done in the Data Execution Plan.

The Script / Process can be Executed Before or After the Data Execution Plan Executes. The Scripting feature is useful for creating custom Scripts to connect to API resources etc.

The Process by default will be Executed with the System Shell but can also be Run under User Credentials.

The Script can also be Embedded with the Data Execution Plan. Select the Embedded option and open the Script with the Script Editor.

Advanced Properties

To Edit the Advanced Properties for the Data Execution Plan Script click the Advanced button and scroll to the Scripting Properties and click the arrow to expand.

Encrypted Scripts

Scripts can be Encrypted using AES 256 to protect any embedded Data or intellectual property. If the Script has been Encrypted check the option to ensure that the system can process the Encrypted resource.