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Data Export and Import Indigo DQM Help

Indigo DQM Data Management Studio allows Data Queries, Data Sources, Reports and Execution Plans to be Exported and Imported to and from other Data Stores.

Exporting Data

Select the Data you wish to Export by clicking the relevant Tab. To Export all the Data Command Queries in the Data Store select the File Menu Export option to start the Data Store Export Wizard.

The Data Store Export Wizard will guide you through the process of Exporting Data from the Data Store.

You can choose to Export the associated Data Folders for the Data Command Queries by checking the box or Export all the Data Folders by selecting the option from the list.

Select the Data Items to Export from the Data Asset Store.

Select the location and name of the Data File for Export.

Confirm the Data Export details and Click Finish to Export the selected Data.

Importing Data

Select the File Menu and the Import option to start the Data Store Import Wizard.

To treat the Data as new check the Import Data as New Data option. This will Import all Data as if it was new adding new files to the Data Store. If unchecked each record is checked to see if it exists and is updated accordingly.

Click Next to locate the Data for Import.

Select and Browse for the XML Data.

Click Next to review the Data Import details.

Click Finish to Import the XML Data into the Data Store.