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Report Data Formats Indigo DRS Help

Report Data Formats are applied to Report Fields. Report Fields are used to display Data in the Report.

Data Formats can be declared globally in the Report and used throughout the Report to apply common Data Formatting options.

Specify a Name for the Data Format and select the Formatting options. There are many options for formatting Report Data. Select the best formatting option for the Report Data according to your requirements. Data can be formatted for Time, Date, Number, Currency and Strings.

Regular Expressions and Inbuilt Functions can also be applied to Data Formats to manipulate and extract Data.

The Data Format will now be available from the dropdown for Field Formatting under Format Name.

If the Report Data Format is set as a Default then the Data Formatting options will be applied to the entire Report Data Fields.

Report Rules

Report Conditional Rules can also be applied to Data Formats to determine if Formatting is applied. Report Rules are XQuery or Python statements that return True or False and determine if Content is Enabled. By Default if empty the Rule will always be True.


XML namespaces are used for providing uniquely named elements and attributes. If the Data Source contains Namespaces they can be applied to the XQuery Processor.