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Report Drawings Indigo DRS Help

Report Drawings are a Shapes Canvas consisting of multiple Shapes, Images and Graphics. Report Drawings are Images that are included in the Report Output.

To Add or Edit a Report Drawing you need to Add an Image click on the Report Treeview and select the Section or Group you wish to create Drawing in.

Shared Resources

Report Drawings can also be a shared resource embedded as Base64 Data in the Report or a File. This is useful for sharing a commonly used Image throughout a Report or to include the Drawing within the Report without having to include the Drawing File. Click the Images button on the Report Properties to Add / Edit Report Images.

Click OK to Add the Drawing to the Report. The Image will be available in the Dropdown combo for the Shared Name in the Image Properties. Select the Image Type as Shared.

Report Rules

Images can also contain Report Conditional Rules to determine if the Image is displayed or not. Report Rules are XQuery or Python statements that return True or False and determine if Content is Enabled. By Default if empty the Rule will always be True.


XML namespaces are used for providing uniquely named elements and attributes. If the Data Source contains Namespaces they can be applied to the XQuery Processor.