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Data Management Overview
Data Reporting Overview
Data Management Tools
Data Queries and Processing
Data Reporting and Documents
Data Statistics and Analysis
Data Consolidation, Aggregation
Data Ingestion / Conversion
Data Mapping, Filtering / Sorting
Data Migration
Data Warehousing
Data Mining / Harvesting, ETL
Data AI, Machine Learning
Data Web Scraping
Data Interchanging
Data Backup and Restore
Data Security and Encryption
Indigo DQM FAQ's
  1. What is Data Management System?
    Indigo DQM is aimed at helping businesses realise, manage and report on all their data assets no matter where they are located or what format they are in. Our system is designed to efficiently manage and report on data bringing everything together or consolidating into a central data asset store allowing businesses the most effective access, management and reporting of all their data assets. Indigo DQM includes all the functionality required for managing and processing data as a valuable resource.
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  2. Why is Indigo DQM Data Management System Software groundbreaking?
    Indigo DQM is both innovative and unique being able to manage and report on different types of data created by different applications and coming from different sources. Indigo DQMs Data Assets store optimises and realises the full potential of all data sources maximising business intelligence. This could be ground breaking as Indigo DQM is not tied into any system it can effectively work with anything so medical data may be one area where Indigo DQM could be used to open up opportunities in realising the value of data which has not been utilised in legacy formats or to enhance existing data processing. Advanced statistics and reports could be generated to help with medical research, the development of new drugs and the treatment of diseases,
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