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To install the software run the Setup.exe program that came with your installation set and follow the on-screen instructions if you haven't already done so.

This documentation includes detailed information about the software functionality and use.

Upgrading Considerations

If you are upgrading from previous versions just run the Setup.exe program as normal. Your installation will automatically be updated!

Indigo DQM Typical Network Installation

Initially the system comes with a default Data Assets Store as an MDB Database which is installed in the User Documents Folder.

Indigo DQM is designed to be used in a network environment with an enterprise database such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL for the Data Assets Store.

Indigo DQM Data Asset Store supports data from multiple sources and types including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL.

The Data Store can be migrated to any of these other types using the inbuilt features of the system or with the tools provided with your database.

Multiple Data Asset Stores can also be activated / switched for different Data Projects.

Software Licensing

Software may be evaluated for up to 28 days prior to registering the product. After the trial period expires the product will no longer function.

If you have purchased a license then you will receive a license file by e-mail. License files must be installed into the same directory as the software assembly in order to unlock it. Licenses may have various conditions attached such as runtime and hardware restrictions.

You can purchase a license at any time from our online store but it is recommended that you contact us first to determine your exact licensing requirements.