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Indigo DQM's Data Management Engine (DME) can run IronPython scripts for additional Data Processing and / or to query, analyze and transform Data Sources.

IronPython is an implementation of the Python programming language targeting the .NET Framework and Mono.

Enable the 'Execute Python Script' option and select the location of the script.

The Python script can be embedded text or a Python File. Select the embedded option and open the script with the Python Editor.

IronPython can use the .NET Framework and Python libraries, and other .NET languages can use Python code just as easily.

The Python Editor allows complex Python statements to be validated and executed.

Result Data is passed into Python as environment variables. Environment variables can viewed from the File menu.

Data is set as 'DataXML' as an XML Document and 'DataSet' as a Data Set in-memory cache of Data.

Advanced Properties

To edit the advanced properties for the Python script click the button and scroll to the Python Script properties.

Python Data Options

Advanced settings for the Python Data Option can be specified to update, merge or ignore the Result Data from the Python script. Additional custom Data Processing maybe implemented in the Python script for Data Analyses and / or Data Mining. Also, the Python script can be executed after or before the XQuery / XSLT by setting the 'Execute When' property.

If the option to update is specified the Result Data will be completely updated with the results from the Python script if it is a valid XML document or Data Set. If the merge option is selected the system will attempt to merge with the Result Data. Ignore simply ignores the Data from the Python script.

Encrypted Scripts

Scripts can be encrypted using AES 256 Advanced Encryption Standard to protect any embedded Data or intellectual property. If the script has been encrypted check the option to ensure that the system can read and process the encrypted resource.