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Indigo DQM features the Data Management Console and Data Management Studio for managing Data Assets on demand.

Featuring powerful user interfaces rich in features and functionality all your Data Management and Reporting requirements are handled by the Indigo DMS workplaces.

Indigo DQM Data Management Console

The Data Management Console contains shortcuts to the most commonly used Data Management Tools of the system for user convenience.

The available shortcuts shown are determined by the installed modules of the system.

Indigo DQM Data Management Studio

The Indigo DQM Data Management Studio allows multiple Data Queries, Data Sources, Data Reports and Execution Plans to be organised into Data Folders in one central location.

The Data Management Studio is the central workplace for managing all Data Assets.

Data Assets are available on demand allowing all Data to viewed, editing, executed and reported on in one central location maximising access and availability.

Every conceivable view of Data is provided including Data Grid, XML, JSon, CSV, HTML and RDL Reports. Searching and filtering can also be performed on all Data Results. Indigo DQM includes all the functionality required for managing Data Assets as a valuable resource.

Advanced Data Reports can be designed for Data Queries and Execution Plans using the optional Indigo DRS Data Reporting System which allows complex Data to be presented with the minimum of effort.

Searching Data Command Queries

Data Command Queries can be searched for by multiple search criteria including names, references and dates.

Enter the criteria to search and click the 'Search' button.

Indigo DQM is dedicated to maximizing your Data potential, assets and information delivering Data and Reports faster, better and cheaper.