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Report Explorer Indigo DRS Help

The Report Explorer is a powerful tool for previewing, saving, printing and publishing multiple Reports organised into Folders.

Reports can be saved in HTML and / or PDF formats with additional options available for the export of Report PDF's.

Report Explorer File

Enter the Name and Description and specify the Report File saved from the Report Designer.

Report Explorer Folder

Create a Folder to organise Report Files in the Report Explorer.

Report Print Preview

Report PDF's can be published to different image and file formats using the Export PDF Tool.

Indigo DRS gives the best functionality and compatibility and by using HTML for reports they can be displayed on any type of device and in any type of browser.

Report Publishing

Report output builds can be published locally or to the Internet using the Report Publishing Tool located on the menu File | Publish.

Previewing Report PDF's using the PDF Viewer.

Report PDF Export

PDF's can also be saved and exported to different image and file formats using the Export PDF Tool.

Select the location and file format to export, the resolution and the page range. Click the Execute button to start the export process.

Report Data Sources

Report Data Sources can be XML as a Data Set, XML document, CSV, JSon, XLSX or HTML. Reports in the Report Explorer can be previewed with the default data designed with the Report or with a different Data Source which is applied to all Reports.

To open a new Data Source click the menu File | Open Data and specify the file location which can reside either locally or on the Internet.

Click the OK button to load the Report Explorer with the new Data Source.

A schema XSD File can also be applied to XML data in the Report property grid.

Report Data Schema's will be inferred as a typed schema if a valid XSD File cannot be found.

Advanced Data Properties

Advanced properties for the Report Data Source can be configured by clicking the Properties button.

Click the OK button to update the advanced properties.

Report Definition Language (RDL)

The Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting System uses Indigo DRS RDL (Report Definition Language) which is an XML vocabulary using a flexible machine readable Markup Language to define and describe report structure, elements, functionality, content and data.

Indigo DRS Report Definition Language represents a standard for creating complex and interchangeable reports between Indigo DRS systems and also maximises content reuse and modularity.