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Data Statistics and Analysis
Data Consolidation
Data Ingestion / Conversion
Data Filtering / Sorting
Data Migration
Data Warehousing
Data Mining / Harvesting
Data Transformation
Data Web Scraping
Data Interchanging
Data Backup and Restore
Data Security and Encryption
Indigo DQM - Data Query Manager

Indigo DQM application is the full Data Management System offering all the advanced administration and reporting of Data Assets.

The DQM Data Management System efficiently consolidates all your Data Assets into a central shared Data Store for the most effective management, access and reporting allowing critical information to be available on demand across networks.

The data management query engine can run queries against any type of Data Source using standard relational SQL queries and / or XQuery / XPath. Indigo DQM includes all the functionality required for managing data as a valuable resource.

The Indigo DQM Data Management Studio allows multiple Data Queries, Data Sources, Reports and Execution Plans to be organised into Data Folders in one central location. Featuring a powerful user interface rich in features and functionality all your data management requirements are handled by the Indigo DMS workplace.

Data Assets are available on demand allowing all Data to viewed, editing and executed in one central location maximising access and availability.

Data Security

Featuring advanced AES 256 Encryption your Data Assets can be stored and transmitted across the Internet / Cloud in the most secure way possible.

Indigo DQM includes all the functionality required for managing data as a valuable resource.


One software license is required per user.


• Operating Systems for Deployment
    Windows 2012
    Windows 2008
    Windows 10
    Windows 8

    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
    Windows 2003
    Windows XP
• Architecture of Product
    32Bit, 64Bit
• Tool Type
• Business Function
    Data and Reporting
• Compatible Data Sources
    Microsoft SQL Server

    Microsoft Access

    CSV, TXT
• Reporting Formats



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