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Data Queries and Processing
Data Reporting and Documents
Data Statistics and Analysis
Data Consolidation
Data Ingestion / Conversion
Data Filtering / Sorting
Data Migration
Data Warehousing
Data Mining / Harvesting
Data Transformation
Data Web Scraping
Data Interchanging
Data Backup and Restore
Data Security and Encryption
Indigo DQM Solutions

Today's ever-increasing demand for Data highlights the need for a Data Management System that provides advanced data processing and reporting capabilities with compatibility for all business and network users at significantly lower cost without the need for expensive upgrades to current infrastructure.

Advantages of Indigo DQM:-

Maximises Data assets, potential and information
Queries and reports available on demand
Increase business value, expertise and intelligence
Critical Data shared across networks
Automate repetitive tasks
Bring Data from different Sources and Types together
Seamless migration and conversion of Data
Lower business costs and improved data access
Reduce IT and support overhead
Reusable reporting platform
Feature and content rich reports
Reports compatible with mobile devices
Encrypt and Secure Data Assets
Increase business value and intelligence

Indigo DQM offers a complete solution to both public and private industry.

Indigo DQM Solutions:-

  1. Enterprise Users, Banks, Corporate and SME's
  2. Government, Police, Military and Hospitals
  3. All Business and Network Users
  4. Libraries, Schools, Universities and Education
  5. SOHO, Small Office and Home User
  6. IT and Business Consultants

Applications and Usage

Data Management and Reporting
Management Information and Statistics
Sales and Marketing Tool
Customer / Client Analysis
Product and Inventory Analysis
Analytical Information and Reporting
Business Modelling
Sales Prospecting
MI Consultancy
Financial Data and Trends
Information and Intelligence
Scientific Research and Experiments
Data Mining / Harvesting
Web Data Extraction / Data Scraping
Migration of Data to other systems
Disaster Recovery
Database Administrators
Software Developers
Quality Assurance Engineers
Data / Business Analysts
Education and Training
Electronic Data Interchange
Data Security and Cryptography

Indigo Product Line

Indigo DQM is a powerful Data and Business Analyst tool helping to identify patterns and trends to find opportunities for further analysis.

An essential data management and reporting system for advanced data analysis, reporting, management information and statistics.

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Indigo Installations

Indigo DQM is compatible with any Win32 or Win64 operating system (server or workstation): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 etc.

The system is highly configurable and adaptable making it compatible with most data and reporting requirements regardless of infrastructure or schema.


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