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Indigo DRS can export and save Report elements using Indigo DRS RDL (Report Definition Language). Elements can be exported using the Export Wizard or saved from the RDL Editor / Viewer. Exported RDL will be saved with an XML File extension.

Indigo DRS RDL (Report Definition Language) is an XML vocabulary using a flexible machine readable Markup Language to define and describe Report structure, elements, functionality, content and Data. It represents a standard for creating complex and interchangeable Reports between Indigo DRS Systems and also maximises content reuse and modularity.

Report RDL elements that can be exported and saved from Report structures:-

  • Report Constants
  • Report Queries
  • Report Rules
  • Report Namespaces
  • Report Data Formats
  • Report Data Contexts
  • Report Expressions
  • Report Resources
  • Report Styles
  • Report Globals
  • Report Running Totals

Report Export Wizard

Run the Export Wizard from the Report Designer and follow the steps to export Report elements as RDL XML.

1). Select the Type of Elements to Export

2). Select the Items to Export

Select the Report RDL elements to export to a Report RDL File by checking the boxes in the list.

3). Select the File Location to Save the Exported RDL Elements

4). Review Summary and Confirm

Click the Finish button to complete the export to a Report RDL File.

Report RDL exported can be reused as a shared File Resource by setting the File property of the respective Report RDL elements to the exported or saved RDL content.

RDL can also be directly imported into the Report structure using the Import Wizard.