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The Indigo Scape Data Reporting System (DRS) uses Indigo DRS RDL (Report Definition Language) which is an XML vocabulary using a flexible machine readable Markup Language to define and describe Report structure, elements, functionality, content and Data.

Indigo DRS Report Definition Language represents a standard for creating complex and interchangeable reports between Indigo DRS systems and also maximises content reuse and modularity.

Report RDL Explorer

The Report RDL Explorer tree-view allows navigation of the Report structure and elements.

Selection of a Report RDL Tree node will update the XPath expression for the Report RDL element.

Report RDL Editor

The Report RDL can be manually edited from the RDL tab on the Report Designer or opened separately by clicking RDL Editor under the menu Design | RDL Editor.

Edit the Report RDL structure as required and click OK to update the current Report design.

Report RDL Files

Report RDL exported using the Report Export Wizard can also be reused as a shared File Resource by setting the File property of each of the Report elements to the exported or saved RDL content.

Setting the Formats File to define Data Formats in the Report.

The exported RDL can also be directly imported into the Report structure using the Import Wizard.

File URI's

Report File URI's are expressed as Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) and can be either a Literal or a Query to specify the location of the File Resource. Literal values are constants that are determined by the URI File property.

Query based URI's are determined by the result of the URI Query which can be a series of XQuery or Python statements to specify the location of the File URI.